The Beatles - I will

I hope this is ok... I've only played guitar for a little while and I've been getting help from all of my friends on this so I hope its ok... riff 1: E A B7 |---0-------0-------------0--------0----------| |------2-------2-0-----------2--------2-0-----| |--------1---------0h1---------2----------0h1-| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| |-0-------------------------------------------| riff 2: E E7 |---0-------------------| |------0-----3--2-0-----| |--------1----------0h1-| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-0---------------------| riff 3: A G#m C#m F#m B7 |-----------------------------| |-----------2----4--5---------| |-2----1---------------2----4-| |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| riff 4: A G#m C#m F# B7 |---------------------------2----7--5--4--2-| |-----------2----4--5-----------------------| |-2----1---------------3---------8--6--4--2-| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| riff 5: C |--0-------0----------0-------0---------| |-----3-1-----3-1--------3-1-----3-1----| |-----------------0-------------------0-| |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| riff 6: E E E7 |----0--------0------------0------------------| |------2p0------2-0----------0-----3--2-0-----| |----------1--------0h1--------1----------0h1-| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| |-0----------------------0--------------------| riff 7: A G#m C#m F#m B7 E |----------------------------------| |-----------2----4--5--------------| |-2----1---------------2----4----4-| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| F Dm7 Gm7 C7 Who knows how long I've loved you' F Dm7 Am You know I love you still F7 Bb C7 Dm7 F Will I wait a lonely lifetime' Bb C7 F Bb C7 If you want me to, I will. F Dm7 Gm7 C7 For if I ever saw you F Dm7 Am I didn't catch your name F7 Bb C7 Dm7 F But it never really mattered Bb C7 F I will always feel the same Bb Am Dm Love you forever and forever, Gm C7 F F7 Love you with all of my heart. Bb Am Dm Love you whenever we're together, G C7 Love you when we're apart. F Dm7 Gm7 C7 And when at last I find you, F Dm7 Am Your song will fill the air; F7 Bb C7 Dm Bb F Sing it loud so I can hear you, Bb C7 Dm Bb F Make it easy to be near you, Bb C7 Dm Bb F For the things you do endear you to me, Bb C7 Db Oh you know I will. F F7 I will! Bb A Dm Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm, Gm7 C7 F Da da da da da da da. I hope that's ok... this is only my first tab and stuff... but I owe a lot of my guitar playing to my good friends... thanks Brian and Ricky!!
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