The Beatles - I will

From: (Marc Hertzberg (History: Love It Or Leave It)) I WILL by Lennon/McCartney
Who knGows how lEmong I've lAmoved you' D You kGnow I lEmove you sBmtill. WG7ill I wCait a lDonely lEmifetime' Am G If you wCant me tDo I wGill. Em Am D
LCove you forDever aEmnd forever, LCove you with Dall my hGeart. LCove you whenDever wEme're together, LAove you when we're apDart.
For if I ever saw you, I didn't catch your name. But it never really mattered; I will always feel the same. Love you forever and forever, etc. And when at last I find you, A song will fill the air. Sing it loud so I can hear you. Make it easy to endear you to me, Ah, you know I will. From: Harlan L Thompson <harlant@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> I WILL- The Beatles F Dm7 Gm7 C7
Who kFnows how lDm7ong I've loGm7ved yoC7u You kFnow I lDmove you stAmill F7Will I wBbait a loC7nely liDmfetime F If you wBbant me C7to I wFill Dm7 Gm7 C7
For iFf I eDm7ver sGm7aw youC7 I diFdn't cDmatch your nAmame F7But it nBbever reC7ally maDmttered F I will alBbways fC7eel the sFame F7
BbLove you foC7rever Dm7and forever GmLove you with aC7ll my heFart F7 BbLove you wheneC7ver Dm7we're together G7Love you when we're apC7art
And whFen at lDm7ast I fGm7ind yoC7u Your song Fwill fiDmll the aAmir F7Sing it lBboud so IC7 can hDmearBb yoFu Make it eBbasy C7to be DmneaBbr yFou For the thBbings you dC7o endDmear you tFo me BbAh, you kC7now I wDb7ill I wFillF7 BbLa la F/Cla..C7. Dm7 Gm7 C7 F
Db7: x x 3 4 2 4 F/C: x 3 3 2 1 1 Dm7: x x 0 2 1 1 Gm7: 3 5 3 3 6 3 (from The White Album, 1968) (sent by Harlan at
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