The Beatles - I will

I Will – Beatles
FWho knows Dmhow long I'Gm7ve loved C7you You Fknow I lDmove you sAmtill F7Will I Bbwait a C7lonely DmlifetimeF7 If you Bbwant me C7to, I wFill. Dm Gm7 C7
For Fif I Dmever Gm7saw you C7 I Fdidn't Dmcatch your Amname F7But it Bbnever C7really Fmattered I will Bbalways C7feel the Fsame. F7
BbLove you Amforever Dmand forever Gm7Love you with C7all my Fheart F7 BbLove you Amwhenever Dmwe're together Gm7Love you wG7hen we're C7apart. Bb F C7
And Fwhen at Dmlast I Gm7find you C7 Your Fsong will Dmfill the Amair F7Sing it Bbloud so C7I can DmhearBb yoFu Make it Bbeasy C7to be DmnearBb yoFu For the Bbthings you C7do endDmear you F7to mFe Gm7Oh, you kC7now, I Db7will Db7 1112 F F7 Dbar 7655 I will.
Da dada da da da da da da dada dada dada da Bb Am Dm Gm7 C7 Dbar
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