#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# I Will chords The Beatles
Who Fknows how Dmlong I've Gmloved Cyou? You Fknow I Dmlove you Amstill. FWill I Bbwait a Clonely Dmlifetime?F Bb C F (Dm Gm C) If you want me to I will.
For Fif I Dmever Gmsaw Cyou, I Fdidn't Dmcatch your Amname. FBut it Bbnever Creally Dmmattered;F I will Bbalways Cfeel the Fsame.
BbLove you forAmever Dmand forever, BbLove you with Call my Fheart. BbLove you whenAmever Dmwe're together, GLove you when we're aCpartC7.
And Fwhen at Dmlast I Gmfind Cyou, A Fsong will Dmfill the Amair. FSing it Bbloud so CI can Dmhear youF. Make it Bbeasy Cto be Dmnear youF For the Bbthings you Cdo endDmear you to me BbAh, you Cknow I Fwill.
Dm Gm
I Fwill BbLa la la la la DmLa la la la BbLa la la la Cla la Fla
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