The Beatles - I will

I Will-The Beatles. The Beatles still rock!
C7Who kFnows how lDmong I've lGmoved you, C7 You kFnow I lDmove you sAmtill, F7Will I wBbait a lC7onely lDmifetime,F If you wBbant me C7to I wFill. Dm Gm C7For Fif I eDmver Gmsaw you,C7 I diFdn't cDmatch your naAmme, F7But it nBbever rC7eally Dmmattered,F I will Bbalways fC7eel the sFame. F7
BbLove you forAmever Dmand forever, GmLove you withC7 all my hFeart; F7 BbLove you wheAmnever wDme're together, G7Love you when we're aC7part.
And wFhen at lDmast I fGmind you, C7 Your Fsong will Dmfill the aAmir, F7Sing it lBboud so C7I can hDmear you, Make it Bbeasy C7to be Dmnear you,F For the Bbthings you C7do enDmdear you to me, you kC7now I wFill.
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