I WILL by The Beatles Tabbed by: Leo jose luz (first tab ko toh! sna mgustuhan nyo...) I.
Who kFnows how Dmlong i've Gmlove you C you Fknow i Dmlove you sAmtill will i Gmwait a lConely lFifetimeDm if you Gmwant me tCo i wiFllF7
II. ( do chords the same as verse 1) For if i ever saw you i didn't catch your name but it never really mattered i will always feel the same Chorus:
LBove you foCrever aFnd foDmrever lBove you with Call my hFeaF7rt lBove you wheCnever wFe're toDmgether lBove you when Cwe're aFpart...
And wFhen at lDmast i fGmind youC your sFong will fDmill the aAmir sing it lGmoud so Ci can hFear youDm make itGm easy Cto be nFear youDm for the Gmthings you Cdo endeFar you Dmto me aGmnd you kCnow i wFilF7l...
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