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It is possible to use these two formats:

Guitar Solo
B Em B Em

[Gm]People are strange [Cm]when you're a [Gm]stranger 
[Cm]Faces look [Gm]ugly [D]when you're [Gm]alone 
[Gm]Women seem wicked [Cm]when you're un[Gm]wanted 
[Cm]Streets are [Gm]uneven [D]when you're [Gm]down


Guitar Solo
B Em B Em

Gm                 Cm            Gm
People are strange when you're a stranger 
Cm         Gm   D           Gm
Faces look ugly when you're alone 
Gm                Cm          Gm
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted 
Cm          Gm     D           Gm
Streets are uneven when you're down

Once the song is in right format, converter automatically mark chords


  • Review! You’ll always check the results from these as they’re never going to be perfect.
  • Use spaces, never tabs. Tabs are awesome, but squishy things. To your editor they might mean “indent the equivalent of 6 single space characters” whereas on my machines it’s always 4! Since we’re relying on fixed-width columns you need to use spaces.
  • Courier is your pal. Every font, yes, even Comic Sans, has its moment, and when your aligning by columns you need every character to be exactly the same width — something our old Smith-Corona typewriters always did. So eschew Times or Arial and use the old stand-by, fixed-width fonts (monospaced) such as Courier or Courier New.
  • Blank lines are free. If a converter is confused and mixes none-chords into your lyrics add some separation, that is, put some blank lines in.
  • Chord lines immediately precede their lyrics. Don’t put blank lines between a chord line and its lyrics (unless you want a line of only chords)

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