The Beatles - I will

I Will The Beatles
Who kFnows how Dm7long I’veGm7 loved youC7 you Fknow I Dmlove you sAmtill F7Will I waBbit a lonC7ely lifeDmtime Fif you wBbant me tC7o I wFill Dm7 Gm7 C7
FFor if I Dmever sGm7aw youC7 I Fdidn't Dmcatch your Amname F7but it neBbver C7really mDmattered FI will aBblways feC7el the FsamF7e
LBbove you forAmever and fDm7orever lGmove you with aC7ll my heaFrtF7 lBbove you wheAmnever we'rDm7e together lG7ove you when we're C7apart...
And wFhen at lDm7ast I fiGm7nd you C7 your sFong will fDm7ill the aiAmr F7sing it lBboud C7so I canDm hear yBbmou F7make it eBbasy C7to be neDmar you Bbm Ffor the tBbhingC7s you doDm endearF/C you to me aBbnd you C7know I will.Db7.. I wiFll F7 Bb C7 Dm7 Gm7 C7 F
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