INTRO A e-|-----------------------------|-0-|-----------------------------| b-|--------------5--------------|-2-|-----------------------------| g-|-----------4-----------------|-2-|-----------------------------| d-|---------4-------------------|-2-|-----------------------------| a-|-----------------------------|-0-|-----------------------------| e-|-----------------------------|-x-|-----------------------------| VERSE
You kAmnow, if you bCreak my heart I'll Fgo But EI'll be bE7ack agAain Cause AmI, told you oGnce before goodbFye BEut I came bE7ack agaiAn
I love you F#mso, I'm the one who waBmnts -you, yes I'm the one who waEnts you DOh Eho Doh Eho
VERSE Oh you, could find better things to do Than to break my heart again This time, I will try to show that I Am not trying to pretend BRIDGE
F#mI thought that you would C#mrealize that if I F#mran away from you That Bmyou would want me too but EI got a bDig surpriEse DOh Eho DOh Eho
Oh Amyou, could find beCtter things to dFo Than to brEeak my heE7art agAain This tAmime, I will tGry to show that FI'm Not trEying E7to pretAend
I wanna F#mgo, but I hate to Bmleave you You know I hate to leEave you DOh Eho DOh Eho
AmYou, If you brCeak my heart I'll Fgo but I'Ell be bE7ack agaAin
OUTTRO A Am A Am e-|-----------------------------| b-|--------------5--------------| g-|-----------4-----------------| d-|---------4-------------------| a-|-----------------------------| e-|-----------------------------|
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