I'll Be Back The Beatles Hard Day's Night INTRO A e-|-----------------------------l----l----------------------------| b-|--------------5--------------l-2-l-----------------------------| g-|-----------4-----------------l-2-l-----------------------------| d-|---------4-------------------l-2-l-----------------------------| a-|-----------------------------l----l----------------------------| e-|-----------------------------l-x-l-----------------------------| VERSE
You kAmnow, if you bG6reak my heart I'Fmaj7ll go But E7I'll be back aAgain Cause AmI, told you oG6nce beforFmaj7e goodbye BE7ut I came back aAgain Am A
I love you F#mso, I'm the one who wants you, yes I'm theBm one who wants you DOh E7ho Doh E7 ho
VERSE Oh you, could find better things to do Than to break my heart again This time, I will try to show that I Am not trying to pretend BRIDGE
IBm thought that you would C#mrealize that if I F#mran away from you That B7you would want me too butD I got a biE7g surprise
Oh ho Oh ho OUTTRO A Am A e-|-----------------------------l----l-------------------| b-|--------------5--------------l-2-l--------------------| g-|-----------4-----------------l-2-l--------------------| d-|---------4-------------------l-2-l--------------------| a-|-----------------------------l----l-------------------| e-|-----------------------------l-x-l--------------------|
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