INTRO A e-|-----------------------------l----l----------------------------| b-|--------------5--------------l-2-l-----------------------------| g-|-----------4-----------------l-2-l-----------------------------| d-|---------4-------------------l-2-l-----------------------------| a-|-----------------------------l----l----------------------------| e-|-----------------------------l-x-l-----------------------------| VERSE
You kAmnow, if you bCreak my heart I'll Fgo But EI'll be bE7ack agAain Cause AmI, told you oCnce before goodbFye BEut I came bE7ack agaiAn
I love you F#mso, I'm the one who waBmnts you, yes I'm the one who waEnts you DOh Eho Doh Eho
VERSE Oh you, could find better things to do Than to break my heart again This time, I will try to show that I Am not trying to pretend BRIDGE
F#mI thought that you would C#mrealize that if I F#mran away from you That Bmyou would want me too but EI got a bDig surpriEse DOh Eho DOh Eho
Oh Amyou, could find beCtter things to dFo Than to brEeak my heE7art agAain This tAmime, I will tCry to show that FI'm Not trEying E7to pretAend
I wanna F#mgo, but I hate to Bmleave you You know I hate to leEave you DOh Eho DOh Eho
AmYou, If you brCeak my heart I'll Fgo but I'Ell be bE7ack agaAin
OUTTRO A Am A e-|-----------------------------l----l-------------------| b-|--------------5--------------l-2-l--------------------| g-|-----------4-----------------l-2-l--------------------| d-|---------4-------------------l-2-l--------------------| a-|-----------------------------l----l-------------------| e-|-----------------------------l-x-l--------------------|
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