Easy song the other version was ok but to me it sounded a little off. comments to danseptember93@hotmail.co.uk
is there Bmanybody F#going to listen Bmto my story Emall about the girl who came to Dstay? F# she's the Bmkind of girl you F#want so much it Bmmakes you sorry Emstill you don't regret a single Bmday
ahD girlF#m_____Em_ A7 ahD girlF#m_____Em_ A7
when i Bmthink of all the tF#imes i've tried so hBmard to leave her Emshe will turn to me and start to Dcry F# and she Bmpromises the eF#arth to me and Bmi bel-ieve her Emafter all this time i don't know Bmwhy
Dah giF#mrl_____Em_ A7 Dah giF#mrl_____Em_ A7
Emshe's the kind of girl who puts you Bdown when friends are there, you feel a Emfool B Emwhen you say she's looking good she aBcts as if it's understood, she's cEmool, ooh, oGoh, ooh, ooh
Dah gF#mirl___Em___ A7 aDh giF#mrl____Em__ A7
was she Bmtold when she wasF# young that pain would Bmlead to pleasure? Emdid she understand it when they DsaidF# that a Bmman must break his F#back to earn his Bmday of leisure, Emwill she still believe it when he's Bmdead?
Dah gF#mirl___Em___ A7 Dah gF#mirl___Em___ A7
| Bm F# | Bm | Em | D F# | instrumental | Bm F# | Bm | Em | D ||
aDh giF#mrl____Em__ A7 (repeat to fade)
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