standard tuning, capo 8th fret
C6 --> E A |D |G |B |E X | B7--> | | X | | | | | X X | | | X | X | X | X | | | | | | | | | |
you should know the other chords as they are pretty standard.
is therEme anybody B7going to listen toEm my Em7story Amall about the gc6irl who came to Gstay' B7 she's tEmhe kind oB7f girl you want so much it mEmakes you soEm7rry Amstill you don't reC6gret a single dEmay
ah Ggirl_Bm_____ Am D7 ah Ggirl_Bm_____ Am D7
when i Emthink of all the tB7imes i've tried so hEmard to lEm7eave her Amshe will come toC6 me and start to Gcry B7 and she Empromises the eaB7rth to me and i Embel-Em7ieve her Amafter all this tC6ime i don't know Emwhy
Gah giBmrl____Am__ D7 ah Ggirl_Bm_____ Am D7
Amshe's the kind of girl who puts you Edown when friends are there, you feel a fAmool E Amwhen you say she's looking good she aEcts as if it's understood, she's cAmool, ooh, oCoh, ooh, ooh
Gah giBmrl____Am__ D7 ah Ggirl_Bm_____ Am D7
was she Emtold when she was B7young that pain would Emlead to pEm7leasure' Amdid she understand it when they sGaid B7 that a Emman must break his B7back to earn his Emday of Em7leisure, Amwill she still believe it when he's dEmead'
Gah giBmrl____Am__ D7 ah Ggirl_Bm_____ Am D7
| Em B7 | Em7 | Am | G B7 | instrumental | Em B7 | Em7 | Am | Em ||
Gah giBmrl____Am__ D7 (repeat to fade)
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