Artist: The Beatles Written by: Paul Mccartney & John Lennon
Is There Amanybody going to listen to my story Dmall about the girl who came to Amstay' E She's the Amkind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry: Dmstill, you dont regret a single Amday FAh, CGirl Dm7 G7 CGirl!Dm7 G7 AmWhen i think of all the times i've tried so har do leave her Dmshe will turn to me and start to Amcry E And she Ampromises the earth to me and i believe her. DmAfter all this time i dont know Amwhy FAh, CGirl Dm7 G7 CGirl!Dm7 G7 DmShe's the kind of girl who puts you A7down when friends are there you feel a Dmfool.A7 DmWhen you say she's looking good She A7acts as if it's understood She's Dmcool, cool, cool, cool GCirl Dm7 G7 GCirl! Dm7 G7 was she Amtold when she was young that fame would lead to pleasure' DDmid she understand it when the sAmaid E That a Amman must break his back to earn his day of leisure' Dmwill she stille believe it when he's dAmead' F Ah,C GirlDm7 G7 C GirlDm7! G7 C GirlDm7! G7
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