Verse 1:
G It's been a hGard dCays nigGht, And ive been woFrking like a doGg! Its been a hGard dCays niGght, I should be sleFeping like a lGog. But when i gCet home to you i find the thiDngs that u do Make me fGeel aClriGght
VERSE 2 AS ABOVE CHORUS Bb When im home....
EmEverything seems to be riDght. When im home
Feeling to holding me tight Tight yeah! Then back to verse 1 followed by
U know i fGeel CalrGight U know i fGeel CalrGight U know i fGeel aClriFght
Then an ending using 1st 3rd and open frets on the b and e string. This is my first tab i have been playing for about a year any comments to
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