this song is not too difficult and involves all root notes and the occasinal bend so even beginners and starters to the bass world will not have too much trouble with this song. the verse notes should be played by ear when listening to the record as they will sound out of place if not. best played by fingers, even though i burnt mine! :o( enjoy! INTRO G------------------------------------ D------------------------------------ A------------------------------------ E-3~--------------------------------- VERSE/CHORUS (it's been a hard day's night..) G------------------------------------ D------------------------------------ A---11------------------------------- E-33--3-3333-333--------------------- VERSE VARIATION (but when I get home to you..) G------------------------------------ D------------------------------------ A--33333333-55555555---33------------ E--------------------33--3~---------- BRIDGE (when I'm home, everything seems to be right..) G----------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E-77777777-00000000-77777777-00000000-55555555-00000000-3~-- please check out my other tabs, some by the beatles, some not, but all great bands so please support them. thanks alot, Mikey
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