ARTIST: THE BEATLES SONG: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT SOLO TABBED BY: MATT HILL ( SENT: 1/11/00 Here is my version in basic tab. There are two guitars playing the solo. George on electric and John on acoustic. This is George's part: E ------------------------------| B ------------------------------| G ------------------------------| D --------------3---3---3-------| A -------3-5-3h5-3h5-3h5-3------| E -3-3-6--6-----------------6-3-| Here's John's part: Both parts are played at the same E ---------------------------------| time, to give the B -------------6---6---6-----------| harmony effect. G ------5-7-5h7-5h7-5h7-5----------| D -5-5-8-8----------------8-5------| A ---------------------------------| E ---------------------------------|
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