Coldplay - Green eyes

Ok so I think these chords sound great. Don't mind the chords names. Focus on the positions. A (x02220) G# (4x6600) B (x24430) Amaj (x04430) D (xx0230) Bmaj (x22220) D7 (x57770) Fmaj (2x4430) A7 (5x7770) G (320003) C# (x40230)
AHoney yG#ou are a rBock Amaj AUpon whG#ich I stanBd Amaj
AAnd I cG#ame here tBo talkAmaj AI hope G#you undersBtand Amaj
BThe green eyes, yeah the Dspotlight, shines upAon you Bmaj G# BAnd how could, anD7ybody, denAy you Bmaj G#
B Fmaj IB came hereFmaj with a loD7ad A7 D7And it feelsA7 so much AlighteGr now I met yDou C#
B Fmaj ABnd honey yFmajou should D7know A7 D7That I couldA7 never gAo oGn without yDou C#
BGreen eyes Amaj
AHoney yG#ou are the sBea Amaj AUpon whG#ich I floaBt Amaj
AAnd I cG#ame here tBo talk Amaj AI thinkG# you should Bknow Amaj
BThe green eyes, you're the Done that I wanted to fAind Bmaj G# BAnd anyone who tried to denD7y you, must be out of theirA mind Bmaj G#
B Fmaj BBecause I came here wFmajith a loaD7d A7 D7And it feels sA7o much AlighteGr since I mDet you C#
B Fmaj HBoney yoFmaju should knD7ow A7 D7That I could A7never Ago Gon withouDt you C#
BGreen eyes, green eyes Oh oh oh oAh Oh oh oh oBh Oh oh oh oBh Oh oh oh oAh
AHoney G#you are a Brock Amaj AUpon wG#hich I staBnd
*Strum the finel B just once
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