Coldplay - Green eyes

Fist tab! c: I present to you, Green Eyes- a very lovely and easy song.
FHoney Cyou are a Gmrock FUpon wChich I sGmtand FAnd I Ccome here to Gmtalk FI hope you CundersGmtand That gGmreen eyes, yeah the sA#potlight, shines uFpon you C And hoGmw could, anyA#body, denFy you C GmI came here with a loadA# And A#it feels so much FlighCter now I A#met you GmAnd honey you should A#know That A#I could never Fgo Con withA#out you GmGreen eyes
FHoney Cyou are the Gmsea FUpon wChich I Gmfloat FAnd I Ccame here to Gmtalk FI think yCou should Gmknow
That Gmgreen eyes, you're the A#one that I wanted to FfindC And anyonGme who tried to denyA# you, must be out of their FminCd GmBecause I came here with a lA#oad And it fA#eels so much FlightCer since I A#met you GmHoney you should A#know That I A#could never Fgo Con witA#hout you GmGreen eyes, A#green eyes Oh oh oh Foh, oh oh oh Gmoh, oh oh oh Gmoh, oh oh oh Foh
FHoney Cyou are a Gmrock FUpon Cwhich I Gmstand
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