Coldplay - Green Eyes

GHoney Dyou are a Amrock GUpon Dwhich I Amstand GAnd I Dcome here to Amtalk GI hope you DunderAmstand
AmThe green eyes Yeah the Cspotlight Shines Gupon youD AmHow could CAnybody DGeny you?D, C, C/H, Ami
I came here with a Cload And it feels so much GlighDter Now I've Ammet youC C/H Ami And honey you should Cknow That I could never Ggo Dhome AmWithout you Green eyes
Honey you are the sea Upon which I float And I came here to talk I think you should know
AmThe green eyes You're the Cone that I wanted to GfiDndDsus4 D AmAnyone who Tried to Cdeny you Must be out of their Gmi-D-ndDsus4 D
'cause I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter Since I've met you And honey you should know That I could never go home Without you Green eyes
Green eyes ohohohGoh OhohohAmoh Ohohohoh OhohoGhoh
Honey you are a rock Upon which I stand...
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