Coldplay - A message

this is my first tab.. hope you like it!! song: a message artist: coldplay tuning:F Bb Eb Ab Ab Db Db:81010900 Fmb6:022000 Abadd11:320000 Absus4:355400 Gbadd9:133200 Ebm7(11):x57700 Db5:x35500 Bbm7:x02200 Db*:x32000 intro Db Fmb6 Abadd11 My song is___ love___ Db Fmb6 Abadd11 Love to the love-less_ shown____ Db Fmb6 Abadd11 And it goes up. gbadd9 Fmb6 Abadd11 You don't have__ to be________ a-lone____. Gbadd9 Fmb6 Abadd11 Ebm7(11) You don't have________ to be on_______ your own__ chorus Db5 Abadd11 And I'm not____ go-iong to take____ it____ back________ Ebm7(11) Db5 Abadd11 And i'm not_____ go-ing to say i don't mean_ that_____ Ebm7(11) Db5 Abadd11 You're the tar-get______ that i'm aiming at there thats it, hope u like it!!! for any comments just send an e-mail to
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