Coldplay - A message

I couldn't find one that was correct so here it is, my first Submission (**)Adding a capo on the first fret nails it(**)
CMy song is lEmove G CLove to the Emloveless shoGwn CAnd it goeEms onG FYou don't Chave to bGe alone
CYour heavy hEmeart G CIs made of stEmone G F CAnd it's so hEmard to seeG clearly FYou don'tC have tGo be on your own YFou don'tC have tGo be on your own
FAnd I'm not gonna Ctake it Gback FAnd I'm not gonna Csay I doGn't mean that FYou're the target Cthat I'mG aiming at FAnd I'll get that Cmessage Ghome
CMy song is love Em G CMy song is love, uEmnknown G F CBut I'm on fire foEmr you, cleaGrly You don't hFave to Cbe alonGe You don't hFave to be on Cyour own G
FAnd I'm not gonnaC take it bGack FAnd I'm not gonna sayC I don't mGean that FYou're the target thaCt I'm Gaiming at FBut I'm nothing on mCy own G FGot to get that messCage home G
|F| |C| |G| 2x
FAnd I'm not gonCna stand and wGait FNot gonna leaveC it until it'Gs much too late FOn a platform IC'm gonna standG and say FThat I'm nothCing on my Gown FAnd I love Cyou, please come Ghome
|F| |C| |G| |Am| 2x Play These softly
FMy song iCs loveG, is love unknoAmwn FAnd I've Cgot to get thatG messagCe home
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