Coldplay - A message

Coldplay - A Message X & Y Tabbed by Keir Alexander ***Guitar tuned to half A tone down*** Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb I'll name chords as if they were in standard tuning. E.g, D is actually (Db). Intro and Verse Chords: D(Db) F#m(Fm) A(Ab) G(F#) F#m(alternative) Eb|--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------| Bb|--------0--------2--------0--------0--------0--------| Gb|--------7--------2--------6--------4--------2--------| Db|--------7--------0--------7--------5--------4--------| Ab|--------5--------0--------7--------5--------4--------| Eb|--------x--------2--------5--------3--------2--------| Chorus Chords: E(Eb) D(Db) A(Ab) Eb|--------0--------0--------0--------| Bb|--------0--------0--------0--------| Gb|--------9--------7--------6--------| Db|--------9--------7--------7--------| Ab|--------7--------5--------7--------| Eb|--------x--------x--------5--------| (verse 1)
D My song is F#mlove A D Love to the F#mlover's shAone D And it goes F#mon A You don't Ghave to F#mbe aloAne
(verse 2)
D Your heavy hF#meart A D Is made of F#mstone A G D And it's so F#mhard to sAee, clearly You don't Ghave to be F#mon your owAn You don't Ghave to be F#mon your ownA
(chorus 1)
E And I'm not going to Dtake it bAack E well I'm not going to say I dDon't mean that A E You're the target that I'm aDiming at A And I Gget that F#mmessage hoAme
(verse 3) My song is love My song is love, I know And I'm on fire for you, clearly You don't have to be alone You don't have to be on your own (chorus 2) And I'm not going to take it back well I'm not going to say I don't mean that You're the target that I'm aiming at But I'm nothing on my own Got to get that message home (solo) [over chorus chords] (chorus 3) and im not gonna stand and wait not gonna kneel there until its much to late on a platform im gonna stand and say that I'm nothing on my own and I love you please come home (outro)
Gmy song is F#mlove Ais love IG know and I've Ggot to gF#met that Amessage Dhome MS Word font [courier] size [10]
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