#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# I ll Cry Instead chords The Beatles F F 2x
I've got Fevery Freason on Fearth Fto be Fmad, cause I just Flost the Fonly Fgirl I Ghad FIf I could see you now, I'd F7try to make you say it somehow; but I Fcan't, so I'll Gcry inFstead.
I got a Fchip on my Fshoulder that's Fbigger Fthan my Ffeet, I can't Ftalk to Fpeople Fthat I Gmeet FIf I could get my way, I'd F7get myself locked up today; but I Fcan't, so I'll Gcry inFstead.
Don't wanna Emcry when there's people there, I get Dshy when they start to stare; I'm Ggonna hide myself away, but G7I'll come back aG7gain some G7day
And Fwhen I do you Fbetter Fhide Fall the Fgirls, cos I'm gonna Fbreak their Fhearts all Fround the Gworld FYes I'm gonna break 'em in two, and F7show you what your loving me can do; until Fthen I'll Gcry inFstead.
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