#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# I ll Cry Instead chords The Beatles G C 2x
I've got Gevery Creason on Gearth Cto be Gmad, cause I just Clost the Gonly Cgirl I Dhad CIf I could see you now, I'd C7try to make you say it somehow; but I Gcan't, so I'll Dcry inGstead.
I got a Gchip on my Cshoulder that's Gbigger Cthan my Gfeet, I can't Ctalk to Gpeople Cthat I Dmeet CIf I could get my way, I'd C7get myself locked up today; but I Gcan't, so I'll Dcry inGstead.
Don't wanna Bmcry when there's people there, I get Ashy when they start to stare; I'm Dgonna hide myself away, but E7I'll come back aA7gain some D7day
And Gwhen I do you Cbetter Ghide Call the Ggirls, cos I'm gonna Cbreak their Ghearts all Cround the Dworld CYes I'm gonna break 'em in two, and C7show you what your loving me can do; until Gthen I'll Dcry inGstead.
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