#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# If I Fell chords The Beatles
If I Emfell in love with you Eb* Would you promise to be true And help Bmme Bbmunderstand 'Cause I've Embeen in love before Eb* And found that love is more Than Emjust holding Ahands
If I Dgive Emmy F#mheart to Emyou I Amust be sure from the DverEmy F#mstart That Emyou would Alove me more than Dher Em A
If I Dtrust Emin F#myou Oh Emplease, don't Arun and hide If I Dlove Emyou F#mtoo Oh Emplease, don't Ahurt my pride like D7her Cause I couldn't stand the Gpain And GmI would be sad if our new Dlove was in A7vain
So I Dhope Emyou'll F#msee That EmI would Alove to love you DAnd Emthat F#mshe will Emcry When Ashe learns we are Dtwo If I Gmfell in Clove with Dyou Gm D
*Eb = D on 3rd fret Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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