If I Fell:The Beatles. Top of the charts in '64. INTRO:
If I F#mfell in love with you, Would you Fpromise to be true, And Ehelp me C#munderstand? Cause I've F#mbeen in love before, And I Ffound that love was more, Than Gmjust holdin' Chands.
If I Fgive Gmmy Amheart, to Gmyou.. I Cmust be sure, from the Fve..Gmry Amstart, That Gmyou, would Clove me more than Fher.Gm C C7
If I Ftrust Gmin Amyou, oh, Gmplease, don't Crun and hide. If I Flove Gmyou Amtoo, oh, Gmplease, Don't Churt my pride like F9her, Cause I couldn't stand the Bbpain.. And BbmI, would be sad if our new Flove, was in C7vain.
So I Fhope Gmyou Amsee, that GmI, would Clove to love you. FAnd Gmthat Amshe, will Gmcry, when Cshe learns we are Ftwo.. If I Bbmfell in Eblove with Fyou. Bbm Eb F
REPEAT#3. A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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