I call your name (Lennon/McCartney) F#7 E7 B7 (hold) |------------0--0-0--0------------------0--0-0--2- |------------2--2-2--2------------------3--3-3--0- |------------3--3-3--3---0---0----------1--1-1--2- |----0-2--4--4--4-4--4-4---2---2-0---2--2--2-2--1- |-2----------4--4-4--4-------------2----2--2-2--2- |---------------------------------------0--0-0--x- E7 C#7 I call your name but you're not there F#7 B7 Was I to blame for being unfair
Oh I can't slE7eep at night since you've been goC#7ne F#7 A I never weep at night, I can't go on
Don't you know I can't tAake it C#m I don't know who can F# I'm not going to make it C B7 I'm not that kind of man.
Oh I can't sleep at night but just the same I ever weep at night I call your name. C#7 x43404 (B7 moved up to frets)
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