I Call Your Name:The Beatles. A #1 hit for Billy J. Kramer. Beatles released their version in '63 on the EP, Long Tall Sally. #1.
AI call A7your name but you're not F#7there. Was I to B7blame for being unE7fair? Oh, I can't A7sleep at night, since you've been F#7gone. I never B7weep at night DI can't go Aon.
A7Well, don't you know I can't take Dit. I don't know who F#mcan. I'm not goin' to Bma..a..B7ake it, I'm not Fthat kind of Ema...E7n.
E7Oh, I can't A7sleep at night, but just the F#7same, I never B7weep at night, I Dcall your Aname...DI call your Aname.(x3)
CHORUS: REPEAT#2. A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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