#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Got To Get You Into My Life The Beatles G F G
GI was alone I took a ride I didn't know what I would Ffind there GAnother road where maybe I can see another kind of Fmind there
BmOoh, then I Dsuddenly see you BmOoh, did I Dtell you I need you CEvery single Amday Dof my Glife
GYou didn't run you didn't lie you know I wanted just to Fhold you GAnd had you gone you'd knew in time we meet again for I'd had Ftold you BmOoh you were Dmeant to be near me BmOoh, and I Dwant you hear me CSay we'll be toAmgether Devery Gday
GGot to get you into my life G C F G GWhat can I do? What can I be when I'm with you I wanna Fstay there GIf I'm true I'll never leave and if I do I know the Fway there BmOoh then I suddenly Dsee you BmOoh did I tell you I Dneed you CEvery single Amday of Dmy Glife
GGot to get you into my lifeG C F G GGot to get you into my lifeG C F G
I was aGlone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there AFnother road where maybe I could see another kind of Gmind there
Then Fsuddenly I see you, Did I Gtell you I need you . . .
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