#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From 9605705J@bunyip.ph.rmit.edu.au Fri Mar 21 11:37:17 1997 Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 12:42:52 EST-10ESUT From: MENDE JOVESKI <9605705J@bunyip.ph.rmit.edu.au> To: guitar@nevada.edu Subject: TAB: Got to get you into my life, The Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life - The Beatles - this is Sir Paul's tune Album: Revolver (1966) This is the tab for those brass instruments, intro: E--------7-------8--10------7----8----------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------8------------- G-------------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------- G F I was alone I took a ride I didn't know what I would find there G F Another road where maybe I can see another kind of mind there Bm Bb+ D/A G#m7 Ooh then I suddenly see you Bm Bb+ D/A G#m7 Ooh did I tell you I need you C C/B Am7 D G Every single day of my life You didn't run you didn't lie you I wanted just to hold you And had you gone you'd knew in time we meet again for I'd have told you Ooh you were meant to be near me And I want you hear me Say we'll be together every day G C Got to get you into my life E---3--3--5--6------1---3-------- B----------------3--------------- G-------------------------------- (repeat this twice after "Got to D-------------------------------- get you into my life") A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- What can I do' What can I be when I'm with you I wanna stay there If I'm true I'll never leave and if I do I know the way there Ooh then I suddenly see you Ooh did I tell you I need you Every single day of my life Got to get you into my life (repeat 1st verse with a slightly different sound to the vocals) Chords used: Am7 x02010 Bb+ xx0332 Bm x24432 C x32010 C/B x22010 D xx0232 D/A x00232 F 133211 G 320033 G#m7 464474 ' Any comments, additions, corrections, send them to, Mende Joveski 9605705j@bunyip.ph.rmit.edu.au
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