The Beatles - From a window

FROM A WINDOW Words & Music By Paul McCartney & John Lennon Copyright 1964 Northern Songs Limited
(1.) GLate yesterday night I saw a light shine from a Emwindow (2.) I couldn't walk on until you'd gone from your window
(1.) Am7And as I looked aD7gain your Gface came into sight (2.) Am7I had to make you D7mine I Gknew you were the Gone Am7 G
(2.) COh I would be gD7lad just to Ghave a love like that, (2.) COh I would be trB7ue, and I'd Emlive my life for A7youD7. SGo meet me
(2.) tonight just where the light shines from a Emwindow, Am7And as I take (2.) your D7hand say that Ebyou'll be mine toCnight. G
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