The Beatles - From a window

From A Window:The Beatles. '64. Also released by Billy J. Kramer. (This is somewhat different than Kramer's version.) #1.
FLate yesterday night, I saw a light shine from a Dmwindow. GmAnd as I looked aC7gain, your Fface came into sight.
FI couldn't walk on, until you'd gone from your Dmwindow. GmI had to make you C7mine, I Fknew you were the one.
BbOh, I would be C7glad just to Fhave a love like F7that. BbOh, I would be Atr..A7ue, and I'd Dmlive my life for G7you..C7oo.
FSo meet me tonight, just where the light shines, from a Dmwindow. GmAnd as I take your C7hand, say that Fyou'll be mine Bbto..Cni..Fght.
CHORUS: REPEAT#3. A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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