Cyour day brakes,C/B your mind aches Am you find thAm7/Gat all her words of kFindness linger Bbon when she no Clonger needs you
CShe wakes up,C/B she makes up Am She takes her Am7/Gtime and doesn't Ffeel she has to Bbhurry She no Clonger needs you
And in her Dmeyes you see A7nothing Dm No sign of love behAmind the tDmears Cried for A7no one Dm A love that should have A7lasted years!
CYou want her,C/B you need her Am And yet you donAm7/G't believe her whFen she said her Bblove is dead You thCink she needs you
CHRUS: And in her eyes...
CYou stay homeC/B, she goes out Am She says that lAm7/Gong ago she knew Fsomeone but now Bbhe's gone She doCesn't need him
CYour day breaC/Bks, your mind aches Am There will be tAm7/Gime when all the Fthings she said Bbwill fil your head You woCn't forget her
CHORUS: And in her eyes... made by Taplutskel
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