CYour day breaks, Em/Byour mind aches Amyou find that C/Gall her words of Fmaj7kindness linger on Bbwhen she no lConger needs you. CShe wakes up, Em/Bshe makes up, Amshe takes her tC/Gime and doesn't Fmaj7feel she has to hurry, Bbshe no Clonger needs you. {And in her eDmyes you see A7nothing, Dmno sign of love behind A7the Dmtears A7 Dm >Chorus cried for no one. A love that should have lastA7ed yDmears.} CYour day breaks,Em/B your mind aches, Amthere will be C/Gtimes when all the Fmaj7things she said will fill Bbyour head you Cwon't forget her. {Chorus} CYou want her,Em/B you need her, Amand yet you don't C/Gbelieve her Fmaj7when she says her lovBbe is dead, you Cthink she needs you. {Chorus} CYou stay home, Em/Bshe goes out, Amand says that long C/Gago she Fmaj7knew someone but nowBb he's gone, she Cdoesn't need him. {Chorus} End on G7
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