Every Little Thing:The Beatles. Album - Beatles For Sale, '64. (I heard this one off an original album and it's MY interpretation. KK.) #1.
AWhen I'm walking beDm7side E7her, Apeople tell me I'm Gluc...Dky. B7Yes, I know I'm a Elucky Aguy. AI remember the Dm7first Etime, AI was lonely withGout Dher. B7Can't stop thinking aEbout her Anow.
AEvery little Gthing she does, She does for Ame, yeah. AAnd you know the Gthings she does, She does for Ame, whoa.
AWhen I'm with her I'm Dm7hap..Epy, AJust to know that she Gloves Dme. B7Yes, I know that she Eloves me, Anow. AThere is one thing I'm Dm7sure Eof, AI will love her GforDever. B7For I know love will Enever Adie.
CHORUS:(x2) A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. ------------------
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