Intro |----------------------------| |-5--5--5---5-----10---12----| |-6--7--6---4-----11---13----| |-7--7--7---7-----12---14----| |----------------------------| |----------------------------|
WAhen I'm walking besDide hEer PeAople tell me I'm lGuckAy YeBms I knoAw I'm aG lucky Aguy
I remember the first time I was lonely without her Yes I'm thinking about her now Chorus fill |---------------| |-5\3----3/5----| |-6\4----4/6----| |-7\5----5/7----| |---------------| |---------------| CHORUS
EvAery little thGing she does ShGe does fAor me, yeah AnAd you know the tGhings she does ShGe does for mAe, ooh
When I'm with her I'm happy Just to know that she loves me Yes I know that she loves me now There is one thing I'm sure of I will love her forever For I know love will never die Chorus Bridge |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-5-5-5--5---10--12----5-5-5--5--3--10------7-----5----3---5--| |-6-7-6--4---11--13----6-7-6--4--4--11----9-----6----4---6----| |-7-7-7--7---12--14----7-7-7--7--5--12--9-----7----5---7------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| Chorus (play intro) Every little thing Every little thing
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