this tab was taken from a guitar tab as the bass basically parallels the guitar on the verse, but differs on the chorus. take care to differentiate the verse note (i.e do not string them together) as the bass will sound out of sync and cause errors when playing. VERSE G-------------------------- D---------2-0---4---0-2---- A-------2-----2---2-------- E-0-3-4-------------------- VERSE VARIATION G---------2-0---4---0-2---- D-------2-----2---2-------- A-0-3-4-------------------- E-------------------------- CHORUS (first part to be played only once) G-------------------|-------------- D-------------------|-------44----- A-------------------|----2h4---4p2- E-22222222-22222222-|-22----------- PLAYED ON GUITAR SOLO G-------------------------- D-------------------------- A-22222222-0000000--------- E-------------------------- enjoy playing this song, as it is one of the beatles greatest and a joy to play. thanks ppl, Mikey
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