From: Glen Norman Pavan <> artist: The Beatles/Cheap Trick title: Day Tripper album: Beatles- single Cheap Trick- Found All The Parts tuning: standard E A D G riff e riff a G--------------------------- D----------2-----4-----2---- G---------2-----4-----2 A--------2---5-2---2-5------ D-------2---5-2---2-5-- E--0-3-4------------------- A-0-3-4------------------- riff b G-----------4-----6-----4 D---------4---7-4---4-7-- A-----5-6---------------- E---7--------------------- intro riff e twice verse riff e four times riff a once riff e once chorus D--------2-1-4- A----1-4------ play this four times E--2---------- She was a day tripper one way ticket, yeah, it took me D---------5-4-7--------4-3-6-----------2h4-- A-----4-7----------3-6---------4-----------2 E---5------------4--------------------- so long to find out and I found out verse chorus bridge- play riff b about 8 times verse chorus outro- play riff e repeatedly real fun song to jam with... hope you enjoy it too comments, blah blah blah to - I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass
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