The Beatles - Anna go to him

I think i just about cracked the whole thing. I noticed that there wasn't a tab on here this song, so i decided to share. Main Riff (Repeated for pretty much the whole song except the chorus) Anna... e|------------------2--------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------3-----------------------------------------------------| G|--------2------2---------2--3--4-----3-4-3-4-3-2---------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| I think the chords go something like this: D Anna Bm you come and ask D me girl Bm To set you D Free girl Bm D Bm You say he loves you more than me Em A(Maybe A7) So I will set you free, D Go with him Chorus- G All of my life G Ive been searching, for a girl D Who'll love me like I love you G But every girl that I ever had Gm Breaks my heart and leaves me sad E(E7?) What am i what am i A Supposed to do Repeat a bunch of times with second verse: Anna Just one more thing girl You give back your ring to me And i will set you free Go with him I think i got this down. If there are any comments, email me at
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