The Beatles - Anna (Go to him)

AnDna Bmyou come Dand ask Bmme girl to Dset you Bmfree girl You say ho lovDes you Bmmore than meEm so A7I will set you free Go with Dhim Bm(Anna) Go with Dhim Bm(Anna)
AnDna Bmgirl before youD go Bmnow I want Dyou to know Bmnow That I stillD love you Bmso but if he Emloves you A7more Go with Dhim
GAll of my life I've been searching for a girl To loDve me like I love you But Gevery girl I've ever Gmhad breaks mz heart and leave me sad E7What am I what am I supposed A7to do oh...
Anna just one more thing girl Yo give back your ring to me and I will set you free Go with him All of my life...
(AnBmna) Go with Dhim Bm(Anna) You can go withD him girl Bm(Anna) go Dwith him
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