Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen --------------------------------- Intro: Em Am G
There's no Amtime for us There's no Emplace for us What Cis this Gthing that fills our Adreams Then slips Caway from Dus
Who Cwants to Glive forAmever Who Cwants to Bmlive forAmever COoooo-Doooooh
There's no Amchance for us It's all deEmcided for us This Cworld haGs only one sweet moAment set aside fDor us Who wCants to C/Glive forever? AmWho wants tCo live forDever? G COooooDo-oooooh G D Em
Who Cdares to Bmlove forAmever Coooo-Doooh when love must Emdie
Solo: (Play all time G on 1st string (E)) Em Am Em Em G D Em Em G D Em C D7 G A Em D G / GDGDGD Em C/D Em C/D Am Em F# Em D (ligado) C...
But touch my Emtears with your lCips Touch my Emworld with your fingertCips And Gwe can Dlive forEmever And Gwe can Dlove forEmever AForever is Dour Bbtoday
Who Gwants to Dlive forEmever Who Gwants to Dlive forEmever AForever Dis our tBboday Who Emwaits forever any way
End: Em B Em C Em A Em D Em
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