Made some changes/Piano J.A.K WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER - QUEEN I love this song, and I think it sounds cool as an accoustic song on its own. These are probably not the actual chords, just ones I thought go well with it, so if it is wrong please don't have a go at me :)
There's no Amtime for us D/F#There's no Emplace for usEm/D Em/C#What is this tG/Dhing that fills our A/C#dreams Then slips G/Daway from Dus
C G/Bm G/A Am Who wants to live f o r ever C Gmaj7/Bm Gmaj/Am Am7 Who wants to live for ever
Repeat for: Theres no chance for us It's all decided for us This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us Who wants to live forever' Who wants to live forever' Oooooo-oooooh Who dares to love forever
oooo-oooh when love must Emdie
Em C(could use Em/C) But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my Emworld with your fingeCrtips And Gwe can D/F#live D/Efor Emever G Dmaj/F# Dmaj7/E Em And we can love for ever Em/C#Forever is Dour today
Who Gwants to Dlive forEmever Who Gwants to Dlive forEmever Em/C#Forever is ouDr today Who Emwaits forever any way
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