Queen - Warboys

Queen and Paul Rodgers - Warboys Intro Am E C x2
AmThey were born with the knowledge of the Estruggle Cto Amsurvive AmThey were raised, learning only Eways to Cstay Amalive AmTheir language is the language of the Ebullet Cand the Amgun AmIf you see them coming, bEaby, Cbetter Amrun
AmHere come the warboysC AmHere come the warboysC
AmWell they look so pretty as they EmarchC and Amdrill AmIt's such, a pity that they're Edressed Cto Amkill AmSoldiers marching Etwo Cby Amtwo AmWhen it all comes down they know eExactly Cwhat toAm do
AmHere come the... warCboys AmWarbCoys
AmWarboys, your boys, Cpoliticians Ctoys AmWarboys, our boys, Cmake lot of Cnoise Am When the Clightning CexplodesAm Am I Cpray for your Csoul CHup, 2, 3, 4
AmWell they look so fierce they're gonna Etear Cout your Amheart AmWhen they get near we're gonna sEee Cwhat they Amgot AmHold on to your soul, fEriend Cof Ammine AmI'll see you in hell, sEome Cother Amtime
AmHere come the warboys C AmHere come the warboys C AmHere come the warboys C
Am E C
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