Queen - Warboys

Queen and Paul Rodgers - Warboys Intro Em B D x2
EmThey were born with the knowledge of the Bstruggle Dto Emsurvive EmThey were raised, learning only Bways to Dstay Emalive EmTheir language is the language of the Bbullet Dand the Emgun EmIf you see them coming, bBaby, Dbetter Emrun
EmHere come the warboysD EmHere come the warboysD
EmWell they look so pretty as they BmarchD and Emdrill EmIt's such, a pity that they're Bdressed Dto Emkill EmSoldiers marching Btwo Dby Emtwo EmWhen it all comes down they know eBxactly Dwhat toEm do
EmHere come the... warDboys EmWarbDoys
EmWarboys, your boys, Gpoliticians Dtoys EmWarboys, our boys, Gmake lot of Dnoise Em When the Glightning DexplodesEm Em I Gpray for your Dsoul DHup, 2, 3, 4
EmWell they look so fierce they're gonna Btear Dout your Emheart EmWhen they get near we're gonna sBee Dwhat they Emgot EmHold on to your soul, fBriend Dof Emmine EmI'll see you in hell, sBome Dother Emtime
EmHere come the warboys D EmHere come the warboys D EmHere come the warboys D
Em B D
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