Hey, this is my first tab. Got this from my teacher, just sharing. Um boom ba bay Um boom ba bay Um boom boom ba ba bay
PrGessure, pushing dDown on me Pressing dCown on you, no man ask fDor Under preGssure! That burns a buiDlding down Splits a faCmily in two Puts peDople on streets
GUmD bCa Dba bay Um ba ba bay Dee day duh Ee day duh
TDhat's ok It's the tCerror of knowing What the woDrld is about WaCtching some good friends ScDreaming "let me out!" PCray tomorrow gets me hDigher PrGessure on people, people oCn stDreets
DGay day day DCa da da dupG bup
OG.k. ChiGppin' aroDund Kick my brains around the Cfloor These are the days itD never rains, but it pouGrs
EGe do bay bup EDe do bay ba bup ECe do bup BDay bup
PeoGple on streets DeDe da dee da day PCeople on streets DDee da dee da dee da dee da
It's tChe terror of knowing What Dthis world is about WCatching some good friends SDcreaming "let me out!" PrCay tomorrow (gets me hDigher, high, hGigh) PGressure on people, pCeople on strDeets
Turned aCway from it all like a bDlind man SCat on a fence but it donD't work KeepG coming up with love But it's sCo slashed and tDorn
Why, wEmhy, wChy?D LCove, loveD, love, Clove, Dlove InsaGnity laughs, under pressure we're cracking CanG't we give ourselves one moreC chaDnce Why can't we give loGve that one more cChanDce? Why can't we gGive love? GiveG love, give loCve, give Dlove GiveG love, give love, gEmive Dlove GiveC love , GiDve love
'CauseC love's such an old fashioned Dword And love daGres you to caDre for The pCeople oDn the edgGe of the niDght And loves dCares you to cDhange our way of CaCring aDbout oCurselvDes TChis is our lDast dance TChis is our lasDt dance TGhis is oursCelvDes Under pressGure Under pressGure PreGssure
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