Queen - Under pressure

Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie As tabbed by Andrewrocku This was/still is a great tune and somehow has always reminded me of Christmas. Probably because of the general message. This theory is obviously not my own because I've heard it a lot this last year played in Christmas commercials. A brilliant Queen Mercury/Bowie partnership loaded with hip melody and tons of feeling, this song never received the noway near exposure and success I feel it deserved. Though it's bass line & hip clap/snap bottom was stolen by a flash-in-the-pan rapper who had a huge hit with it ... yet denied infringing copyrights claiming his version's bassline included one "extra" note. I ALWAYS break this one out for the holidays! [Figure 1] - Bass Line for guitar played with alternating clap to snap (do this with feet if you do not have four hands) E-----------------------------------| B-----------------------------------| G-----------------------------------| D-----------------------------------| A-----------------------------------| E----10--10--10---10-10-10---5------| [Figure 2 Played once for INTRO and during VERSE] D A G A E------------5-------|---9------------|----7-----------|---5---------------| B------7-------------|--------10------|---------8------|--------5----------| G----7---7-------7---|-9---9-------9--|--7---7-----7---|-6---6----7-6-4----| D--------------------|----------------|----------------|----------------7--| A--------------------|----------------|----------------|-------------------| E--------------------|----------------|----------------|-------------------| D - or Figure 2 Um boom ba bay
AUm boom ba bay GUm Um boom ba bay bay A
DPressure APushing down on me GPressing down on you ANo man ask for
DUnder pressure AThat burns a building down GSplits a family in two APuts people on streets
DUm ba ba bay AUm ba ba bay GDee day duh AEe day duh
It's the teGrror of knowing What this world Ais about WatcGhing some good friends Screaming let meA out! Pray Gtomorrow takes me hAigher DPressure on people People Gon streeAts
[Figure 1 bassline x3] Day day day da da dup bup bup Okay D - or Figure 2 Chippin' around
AI kick my brains round the floor GThese are the days AIt never rains but it pours
DEe do bay bup AEe do bay ba bup GEe do bup ABay bup
DPeople on streets ADee da dee da day GPeople on streets ADee da dee da dee da dee da
It's the tGerror of knowing What this worldA is about WatGching some good friend Scream let Ame out!
GPray tomorrow takes me high high higAher
GTurned away from it all Like the bliCnd man GSat on a fence but it don't wCork GKeep coming up with love But it's so slasAhed and torn CWhy'F WhyG' F ALoveLoveLove!
AInsanity laughs under pressure we're cracking Can't we give Dourselves one more Gchance' A Why can't we gDive love that one more Gchance'A Why can't we Dgive love Agive love Dgive love' A GGive love Agive love Dgive love Agive love Ggive love Agive love' Cause loveG's such an Aold fashioned Dword And love Adares you to Gcare For the Apeople on the Dedge of the Anight And love Gdares you to Achange our way Of Dcaring abAout ourselves
GThis is our laAst dance GThis is our laAst chance DThis Ais ourGselves Under Pressure [Figure 1 bass line x3] DUnder PAressure DPreGssuAre D
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