Queen - Save me

ItF started oGff so Am7well F They said we mFade a perFfect pDmair FI clothed mysGelf in your glFory and your lFove How i loFved you How i crGied... ThDme years of care aFnd loyFalty Were nDmothing but a sFhame Fit sGeems The yeFars beGlie we liFved a lFie I lFove you tFill i dFie GSave me sDave me sEm7ave Gme i cant't face my lA7ife alDone F GSave me sDave me sGave Fme... Cm I'm naGked and I'm fFar fFrom Ghome The slFate will sGoon be cAm7lear F I'll Ferase the FmemorDmies To sFtart agGain with somFebody nFew It was all wFaisted All that loGve?... I Dmhang my heFad and i adFvertise A Dmsoul for sFale For rGent I Fhave no heGart I'm cFold insFide I hFave no reFal inFtent GSave me saDve med Em7save Gme I cant face me lA7ife alDone F GSave me saDve med sGave Fme Cm I'm Gnaked and I'm fFar fFrom hDome
SOLO: F G Am7 F F F Dm F G F F F G
FEach night i cGry I still beFlive the lGie I loFve you tiGll i dFie GSave me, sDave me, Em7save Gme A7 D F GSave me, sDave me, oGooh save Fme Don't let me face my lA7ife DaloFne GSave me, sDave me ooooGoohhh F I'm nGaked and I'm fFar fFrom hDome
G Gsus4 G F F G
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