ItG started oDff so Em7well G They said we mCade a perGfect pAmair CI clothed mysDelf in your glGory and your lCove How i loGved you How i crDied... ThAme years of care aGnd loyCalty Were nAmothing but a sChame Git sDeems The yeCars beDlie we liGved a lCie I lGove you tCill i dGie DSave me sAave me sBm7ave Dme i cant't face my lE7ife alAone G DSave me sAave me sDave Gme... Gm I'm naDked and I'm fCar fGrom Dhome The slGate will sDoon be cEm7lear G I'll Cerase the GmemorAmies To sCtart agDain with somGebody nCew It was all wGaisted All that loDve'... I Amhang my heGad and i adCvertise A Amsoul for sCale Gor rDent I Chave no heDart I'm cGold insCide I hGave no reCal inGtent DSave me saAve med Bm7save Dme I cant face me lE7ife alAone G DSave me saAve med sDave Gme Gm I'm Dnaked and I'm fCar fGrom hAome
SOLO: G D Em7 G C G Am C D G C G D
CEach night i cDry I still beGlive the lDie I loGve you tiDll i dGie DSave me, sAave me, Bm7save Dme E7 A G DSave me, sAave me, oDooh save Gme Don't let me face my lE7ife AaloGne DSave me, sAave me ooooDoohhh G I'm nDaked and I'm fCar fGrom hAome
D Dsus4 D C G D
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