Queen - Nevermore

This is the song "Nevermore" by Queen from "Queen II". The other version had a few mistakes so I just tried to fix them.
There's no Fliving in my life anyDmmore. The Amseas have gone dry and the A#rain stopped Ffalling.
FPlease don't you cry anyDmmore Can't you Amsee
A#Listen to the Fbreeze, A#whisper to me Fplease Don't Gsend me to the path of neverCmo - C7o - Fore.
FEven the valleys beDmlow, where the Amrays of the sun were so A#warm and Ftender FNow haven't anything to Dmgrow
Can't you Amsee Why A#did you have to Fleave me,
A#Why did you deFceive me You Gsend me to the path of neverCmore
When you C7say you didn't love me anyA#mo - Fo - Amore (A#Ah - FAh)
A#Nevermore, FNevermore.
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